Client Reviews

Faux EZ Client Reviews

Almost everyone seeing the FAUX EZ™ finish has to touch it to see if it’s real or not!

Product works as advertised
Works great! Just a little advise after spraying 2nd application Wait 24 hrs before respraying2nd Coat. It gets darker as time goes on and you may find its just right one day later when you would have thought it needed another coat had you only waited 30 min. Between coates
Hilton Head, SC- July 2013
I was so pleased with it!
I must admit I was skeptical when I pulled this stuff up on my computer. I had some old white (painted) bookshelves that my wife wanted replaced. I'm an electrician,not a carpenter and I'm retired and not anxious to spend a lot of money on new cabinetry. So I decided to make a minimal investment and give it a shot. I picked out a small portion of the whole project and went to work. I was so pleased with it, I went ahead and ordered a gallon of the brush-on product and two more cans of the spray. I completed that project and soon did another. The only drawback I can see is that my wife is so happy with the results, she's finding all kinds of other jobs to do. It's easy to apply and dries in a hurry. Clean-up is a snap too. We'll see how it holds up over time but six weeks in it still looks great!
Taylorsville, KY- March 2013
Great paint
I had replaced rotted wood with wood putty but could really never get the stain to look right, this solved the problem.
unknown- July 2017
It actually works!
I've been wanting to stain my kitchen cabinets for years now but didnt want to go thru the sanding and such involved. Heard about this product and decided to try it out on my bathroom cabinets first....OMG! What a transformation. My bathroom looks 'rich' now. lol First clean your cabinets, they say with window cleaner...I say with L.A's Awesome(dollar store). Rinse with clean water and wipe dry. I applied 2 coats of the first step. It looks a bit orangy starting off, but like the other reviews state...IT DARKENS!. The only CON I had was the dripped, it ran, it came out in streaks and cabinet looked like it had the mange. Have a clean chip brush ready for this and quickly brush out the dark areas. If you still have zebra stripes, you can always apply some white primer over that area after it dries and start over. I have decided to use the remaining stain on one of my kitchen cabinets that houses my wall oven just to add a little pop. I'm going to glaze the others with Ralph Lauren Tea stain.(not avail thru Home Depot anymore??) But I digress...This product really is easy to use, dries fast, and allows for mistakes. Just follow the instructions(no, holding the can upside down does not clear the nozzle), use lots of drop cloths, and put a coat or two of polyurethane over the finished product. Viola! Brand new cabinets. Now I'm going to use some crown molding over the top edges of my countertop with the same stuff to make it look like real furniture, and finish up with the Giani Faux Granite in 'Chocolate" for my counter tops. I already did my kitchen. Check out my review and pics for that. Buying the spray right now. Have fun.
Chicago, IL- March 2014
Amazing results!
Bob used his new Faux EZ Prograiner product to transform the white wood cabinets in our bathrooms to look like Tiger Maple. We love them! I didn't think I could do it myself but after working with Bob, I realized how easy his product really was. Our next project was my daughters old furniture and we did that without Bob's assistance. It came out great! Thanks Bob for being a wonderful teacher and for creating an amazing product!
Johns Creek GA- May 2017