You can purchase these needed items at your local Home Depot store:

Paper Drop Cloth

These generally come in packages of two. Each one has a seam down the middle and can be torn easily to make two cloths. A smaller project such as cabinets for a small to medium bathroom only require one package. When working on a larger sized project, such as a kitchen, you can move the cloths as you go, or you can buy another set of cloths so you can cover more area at once.

Chip Brushes

We use one or two on each project, and then throw them away. They are very inexpensive, and a fresh chip brush works best, as the brushes tend to get bent and coated with product and will not work as well a 2nd time.

Hand Masker

When you purchase a taping off machine, check inside the box to make sure all the parts are included. It's no fun to get home excited and ready to go only to realize that you are missing a crucial part of this, and you have to go back to the store (we've been there, done that)! This is not an expensive tool, and can be used for endless numbers of projects, even simple painting in your home.


Masking tape or Painter's tape works best.

Cleaner/Sponge/Bucket for water

Window cleaner works well. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with water and let it dry before applying FAUX EZTM products.

Faux EZ may be used for:

Any existing soundly adhered, nearly white interior primed/sealed surface such as painted wood, metal and vinyl coated cabinets etc. in good condition.

Product Coverage:

Step One: 8 oz. liquid base covers about 15 square feet.

Step Two: 1 12 oz. aerosol covers about 15 square feet for darker finishes, and up to 30 square feet for lighter finishes. More spray increases depth of color and decreases coverage.

Coverage: 1 interior door, 1 breakfast table, 1 small mantle, 1 side table.

For darker finishes use an additional can of step two.

Surface Preparation: DO NOT USE STEEL WOOL

  1. If surface is smooth, no sanding is required but surface must be cleaned.
  2. Sand rough surfaces until smooth.
  3. Clean surface using degreaser and rinse well. Make sure it is squeaky clean and dry.
  4. Tape off adjoining areas within spraying distance, (about 4 feet) and cover floors and ceiling.

Using FauxEZTM:

  1. Stir contents of liquid 'Step 1' thoroughly.
  2. Apply 'Step 1' using your chip brush, leaving streak marks on the finish. Apply very sparingly. Work very quickly. Don't try to make it cover, you want streaks. Be sure to brush in the same direction that the grain of real wood would go. If you have a drip or run, brush it out immediately (See Trouble Shooting section also). Excessive brushing is not recommended. Remember that real wood is not perfect. That's what makes it beautiful!
  3. Allow 30 minutes for drying at normal temperature and humidity. Remember that FauxEZTM is water-based and may take longer dry time in high humidity.
  4. Repeat the application of 'Step 1' and let dry for 30 minutes or more.
  5. Shake Step 2 aerosol for at least 1 minute.
  6. Hold can upside down and spray onto masking paper to clear nozzle.
  7. Holding can upright at a slight angle spray onto masking paper to get used to spray pattern. Put can into motion before pressing release tip. Practice a little bit..
  8. Spray with a steady motion. Make only two passes (back and forth).
  9. Repeat spray application for deeper color tones.
  10. For richer depth of color, spray more around the edges.
  11. You can also see in the video how to enhance the appearance of panels in doors.
  12. Clean up equipment and spills immediately with soap and water. See video on Directions for Use.