Easy Faux Wood Transformations using Faux EZ

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Top Five Reasons To Use Faux EZ

        Growing up, being creative was encouraged by my Dad, the inventor of Faux EZ. He was resourceful; a self-taught faux finisher who also repaired his VW bus, got my bicycles at the thrift shop and custom painted them violet and played a mean blues guitar. 

I went to work for my Dad after having my third child. Since I was raised to be creative, it was a natural fit. He and I enjoyed learning and making up new finishes.  We were flabbergasted as we perused professional faux finishing books at the numbers of steps (would you believe 20 or more?), and the expensive tools required to do them! It became a joke between us, “Hey Dad, should we do the finish that has twenty steps or should we do the one with two?” Dad would reply, “Hey, I’ve got a great idea, how about the one with two?!” Then we’d laugh hysterically!


          Customers were so impressed with the outcome of our work that we decided to simplify the process we used professionally so that any DIY’er could do it quickly and on a budget.  Thus, Faux EZ was born, winning business competitions and showing the world there is an easier way to make almost any surface look like high quality wood and have fun doing it!!

Top Five Reasons You Should try Faux EZ! 

1. It saves you money! - It’s cheaper than the alternatives! Resurfacing or replacing cabinets, doors or furniture costs between $3k and $10k on average and replacing is upwards of $20k to $30k. Hire professionals like us and pay between $3k and $5k for a painted wood look, or complete a whole kitchen with Faux EZ for less than $100!

2. Less trash/Less Stink - DIY’ing a new look over existing cabinets means less dusty mess in your house and less trash in the landfills! Bam! Faux EZ has a milder, less intense odor than  gel stain or lacquer products. Who wants to get a headache and smell icky stuff while they DIY? I vote no thank you!

3.Creative License! Once when one of my son’s was little, he pushed a chair to the refrigerator and pulled out a giant coffee bean chocolate bar. It was so rich, I’d been nibbling on it little by little.  When I caught him red-handed, I shrieked, “Julian, you’ve eaten half of that giant bar, you’ll get a tummy ache!”  His reply was instantaneous, “Mom, don’t you know? Sometimes you need chocolate!”   And he was right! Just the same as we need treats now and then, it feels good to do something with you hands and be creative. You can control the depth of color, highlight edges and make faux panels when using Faux EZ. 

4. It helps sell or beautify your home!  Simply put, if you can’t sell your home, update your kitchen and bathroom cabinets with Faux EZ and watch what happens. We’ve seen it many times before. It sells!  It’s easy enough for a DIY’er and high quality enough for a professional. If you want to stay in your home, you’ll love the warmth and beauty you’ll get with Faux EZ. 

5. Bragging rights!!  - Your friends and neighbors will be amazed when they see how beautiful your new look is! They don’t have to know how easy it was.  Truth is, even though you’re using a Faux EZ kit,  it’s still your creative decisions along the way and your labor that results in the professional final look! You can brag all the way to the bank too, because you increase the value of your home when you upgrade the cabinet, door, trim and/or shelving with beautiful wood finishes!

Some of us become DIY’ers out of necessity. Some of us DIY because we enjoy the challenge,  being creative or of saving money! No matter what your reason is, we hope you will try it out, have fun and share your story of using it with us! 

Happy DIY’ing and All The Best!!

Rachel  & Bob!